And now for something completely different. [starting over; yes, again.]

For those who care to keep score:

Around this time last year, I was feeling good about how life was going in general. I was preparing to excitedly tell my husband shortly after our first anniversary that I was feeling secure enough in my job to consider next big ‘adult’ life steps, like looking at owning a home and having a baby, or maybe–gasp–getting over my fears and learning to drive/getting a car (imagine, me, in a car, driving.). I really felt I had begun to gain even ground.

Boy, I’d worked really hard to get there, too. I was told I was good at what I did, and I was finally starting to believe it myself after a lot of doubt. The future was going to be odd, but for the most part, for once, it was going to be certain. Finally.

I then I learned I was losing my job despite a glowing performance review. So, there’s that. Oh well.

And now, here’s this:

This is my personal blog. My views are my own. There’s not really a central topic. Sometimes I’ll have a lot to say. Sometimes I’ll have little to say. I’m not keeping to a schedule at this time, but I am going to commit to write on the regular, especially with Camp NaNoWriMo going on. We’ll just see where this goes and how it shapes itself–because meaning isn’t what you start out with, but what you end up with, right? (Elbow)

The world is on fire, and right now I just want to be a human being.

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